Functional Evaluation Of Shoulder by Constant Score On Bandung Baseball Team

Leonardo Lubis


Throwing is a repeatedly movement in Baseball. This activity will make Baseball athlete susceptible to suffer shoulder joint injury. Injuries to the shoulder joint will decrease the function of the shoulder joint. Therefore, it is necessary to do early detection to prevent further injury. Constant score is one method that used to assess the shoulder joint’s function. An analytic study performed on eighteen professional Bandung baseball athletes. Constant score form, which was consisted of subjective and objective questionnaires, filled out by the athletes. Scores were obtained from each question and grouped into five, as follow: Poor=<70, Fair=70-79, Good=80-90, Excellent=90-99 and Perfect=100. Range of movement was measured by shoulder joint goniometer. The strength of the shoulder muscle was measured by Push and Pull Dynamometer. Then, the study correlated the pain degree with the training duration. The result shows that mostly athletes were in the Excellent category (83.33%) and the prolonged exercise was negatively correlated (r =-0.459) with the degree of pain. Finally, the study conclude that most of the athletes were in good shoulder joint condition and functional evaluation found that prolonged exercise affect the occurring of pain symptom on shoulder joint of Baseball athletes.

Keywords: baseball, constant score, pain, shoulder joint.

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